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/*\ Kozinski Announces Retirement Effective Immediately /*\    12/18/17  (61)
why do people consider catholicism strange and exotic?    12/18/17  (40)
I fucking HATE flying. One of the worst things about modern culture    12/18/17  (36)
So girls are just going out to bars basically topless now? (pic)    12/18/17  (36)
Guidance Counselor writes epic screed on "radicalized" alt-right students (Salon    12/18/17  (35)
when you guys have sex dreams is it you boning a chick or is it more like    12/18/17  (29)
So the NFL's game of the year boiled down to autistically debating a "catch"?    12/18/17  (25)
Got an Echo Dot Alexa and a Google Home Mini.    12/18/17  (25)
Was everyone here born into an UMC family    12/18/17  (24)
32 years old and not a single girl I went to HS with is remotely attractive now    12/18/17  (24)
Im not cashing out any crypto until I hit $10mm networth    12/18/17  (22)
how do i get better at poasting    12/18/17  (21)
So it's normal to hate urself for having a primal attraction to Asian women    12/18/17  (20)
Really pissed I am not a part of MPM    12/18/17  (19)
Your bird brained wife panic cleaning before housekeeper arrives    12/18/17  (19)
How do I get a second date with this chick?    12/18/17  (18)
Hypo: $20 million as Crypto millionaire or $10 million as startup CEO    12/18/17  (18)
Top 5 GOAT "what if they didn't get injured" NBA players    12/18/17  (18)
So this is what dating girls under 25 is like now?    12/18/17  (18)
WHEN do we cash out of crypto?    12/18/17  (18)
Rate this $1.9M home near BERKELEY (link    12/18/17  (17)
Libs buried that Chris Matthews sex harrassment shit pretty quickly    12/18/17  (17)
BAT MOONING    12/18/17  (17)
obama and hezbollah    12/18/17  (16)
The girl likes "hip hop" (evan39)    12/18/17  (16)
lifehack: pretend to be Christian to do the wgwag    12/18/17  (16)
How Trump Turned Obama's Economy Around - As Told by MSM Headlines (links)    12/18/17  (16)
Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be New Norm    12/18/17  (16)
CDC director says there are no banned words at the agency    12/18/17  (15)
black gf found a black gf thread, you guys are assholes btw    12/18/17  (15)
When are they going to make contact?    12/18/17  (15)
How can u improve your attention span    12/18/17  (14)
Going to have 5MM inheritance and still mad jelly of cryptopigs    12/18/17  (14)
evan39 heterocucking is really jumping the shark    12/18/17  (14)
Rate this $3M home in SEATTLE (link    12/18/17  (13)
so the head of ESPN has just been whacked out on goofballs this whole time    12/18/17  (13)
GDP growth may hit fours. Libs: "That's um...that's racist...racism is.. is bad"    12/18/17  (13)
Bought a Land Cruiser this weekend.    12/18/17  (12)
Impossible to find a woman without a single tattoo    12/18/17  (12)
When crypto crashes for real it will be a stampede of millions through 3 doors    12/18/17  (12)
which one of these eye dentists would you go for    12/18/17  (12)
Trumpmos, why should Franken resign when you supported Moore's candidacy until t    12/18/17  (12)
Give $ to dad so he can retire early cr?    12/18/17  (11)
Anal as Birth Control    12/18/17  (11)
deep state is desperate to cover up their 2015-16 crimes they did for Crooked?    12/18/17  (11)
Why does "Amtrak" have so many problems compared to trains in other nations?    12/18/17  (11)
Disneys A Wrinkle in Time looks terrible    12/18/17  (11)
what must it be like to have a cool dad who talked to you growing up, played bal    12/18/17  (11)
XO Year-end Booklist - Which Books Did You Enjoy 2017 & Why?    12/18/17  (11)