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what do you predict will happen in the next 25 years?    10/16/17  (96)
Today I PWNED the EVER-LIVING SHIT out of Gen-X supervisor    10/16/17  (60)
When did this site turn to shit?    10/16/17  (46)
Would you rather date a cheerful, latina prole barista or overworked shrew attor    10/16/17  (38)
Former S&C Lit Shrew Weds Her S&C Lit Partner, 2 USDJs Officiate (NYT)    10/16/17  (38)
I received word, through a powerful connection, who the Dem nominee is in 2020    10/16/17  (37)
Married/Relationshipmos: Do You Think The "Five Love Languages" Shit Is CR?    10/16/17  (35)
RATE This Body (SFW)    10/16/17  (33)
Ill admit, Im terrified by the growing totalitarian impulses of the left    10/16/17  (32)
Dork HLS Magna DDC Clerk & Cute Dorky Shikse Meet 1 Time At Band Camp, Wed (NYT)    10/16/17  (32)
Bad Motherfucker = facemo?    10/16/17  (25)
Gun bros, thoughts on this 8 shot .357?    10/16/17  (25)
Who the fuck schedules 9am meetings? Fuck you    10/16/17  (23)
I have never been tricked by a woman. I have to LOL at Ragnus (DTP)    10/16/17  (22)
RATE this 1B in British Columbia, steps from ocean, $1500, furnished    10/16/17  (22)
Trump states that will turn blue in 2020    10/16/17  (22)
sam hyde gives shoutout to XO in latest video    10/16/17  (22)
lol, liberal men confessing and apologizing for sexual harassment on FB    10/16/17  (19)
HS girls cross country team just ran by my house (pics)    10/16/17  (17)
Is 8pm too late to go to the gym?    10/16/17  (17)
gained .75 inch length and .5 inch girth on jp90. taking q's    10/16/17  (17)
why does ragnus never come up in discussions of stupidest poaster?    10/16/17  (17)
Vegas security guard Jesus Campos has "vanished"    10/16/17  (16)
biglaw lives matter what does the (retired) in your moniker mean?    10/16/17  (16)
mid-level/senior associates: describe how you maed biglaw work for you    10/16/17  (15)
We've got the top MPM seeds narrowed down to a probable list    10/16/17  (15)
Why do Whites not like Pakis and Indians?    10/16/17  (15)
Sarah Silverman PWNS prole goyim Trump supporters in new Hulu series (video)    10/16/17  (15)
Should I spend 3K on stomach liposuction????    10/16/17  (15)
why do libs ever go on tucker carlson? whats in it for them? $$$?    10/16/17  (13)
Anyone ever work with anyone whos legit crazy? Describe them    10/16/17  (13)
im never buying an AAA video game ever again after Destiny 2    10/16/17  (13)
Prole 36yo Art History Prof Shrew Weds "Gender Neutral Honorific" "Guy" (NYT)    10/16/17  (13)
What additional states will Trump win in 2020?    10/16/17  (12)
Rate this Indian wedding couple    10/16/17  (12)
Rate this WHITE WOMAN's tearful APPOLOGY to BLACK VICTIM of FOX NEWS interview.    10/16/17  (12)
34yo Jew Dentist (Emory, Upenn) Weds Formerly Hot 33yo Marketing Jewess (NYT)    10/16/17  (12)
Oh, it's Watchman tp. The crippling insecurity manifested as bravado.    10/16/17  (11)
Just responded to 400 discovery requests from a shitlawyer in a minor impact    10/16/17  (11)
1 in 9 men in the US has oral HPV from eating out slime pits (link)    10/16/17  (11)
Was coke out on Thur night and got REALLLY close to fucking F2M tranny    10/16/17  (11)
Rach, what is your number one all time favorite moment on the bort?    10/16/17  (11)
19 year old sharklasers introducing pink haired sjw bbw to 32 yo persian lawyer    10/16/17  (11)
IFNB Songbook: "California Cocks" to tune of "California Girls" by Beach Boys    10/16/17  (10)
Pissed that im lowest ranked poaster in twins thread, ready to fuck shit up    10/16/17  (9)
Datelab: 44 year old shrew dings 41 year old for being bald shortmo    10/16/17  (9)
why do goy bankers take on an annoying american psycho personality?    10/16/17  (8)
Any father of a toddler NOT want to have sweaty sex with Nina on Sesame Street?    10/16/17  (8)
Halloween episode of Murdoch Murdoch was shoahd in record time    10/16/17  (8)
MBA interview: "excuse me what?" peterman: " 'boipussy', anyway as I was saying,    10/16/17  (8)