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Oregon bakery fires 2 women for refusing to serve black woman after closing time    06/16/18  (328)
Anthony Bourdain dead from suspected overdose (CNN)    06/19/18  (288)
Bros, do we circumcise our sons?    06/05/18  (260)
ITT: UR 18 and MUST choose between the two colleges I select    06/08/18  (249)
My Boyfriend, My Husband, and Me, by (((Arielle Greenberg)))    06/16/18  (224)
Net Worth: $903,201.10    06/19/18  (207)
Lebron is officially the GOAT now, right?    06/09/18  (200)
Literally going through a future wife getting pumped and dumped meme IRL    05/22/18  (197)
This is what 68 percent of your dating options looks like (Buzzfeed)    06/17/18  (196)
is anyone humiliated on a more regular basis here than Spaceporn?    06/06/18  (192)
I name a cuisine, you name its GOAT POTUS dish    06/12/18  (187)
There is no reason why 90 percent of white collar jobs cant be 100 percent WFH    06/15/18  (184)
Haha wow holy shit, just got MONKEY'S PAWED by a tinder chick lmao (DDC)    05/30/18  (181)
Im an old and routinely date young girls - anything else is shrew flame    05/24/18  (179)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    06/15/18  (177)
Good place to meet single 30-something women?    06/06/18  (171)
What are some upper class behavioral tells?    06/14/18  (167)
POINTSMOS / other ASPIES, what sort of POINTS balances are you sitting on    05/25/18  (166)
RSF really gaped lil' TMF in that points thread lmao    05/25/18  (165)
Meeting a STEM PhD chick tomorrow night (CharlesXII)    05/31/18  (163)
Asian applicants at H rated lower on personality    06/18/18  (158)
Germany really puts people in jail for saying the holocaust was a lie?    06/03/18  (156)
benzo is back in jail    06/10/18  (155)
***OFFICIAL 2018 U.S. OPEN DISCUSSION THREAD***    06/17/18  (153)
Rate Taylor Swift's weight gain body    06/05/18  (153)
Trump CANCELS on Kim Jong Un    06/04/18  (153)
Libs should be rubbing conturds faces in the settled science of global warming    06/10/18  (150)
Musical acts that are "two-hit wonders"    06/02/18  (147)
what is THE most CR major city in the WORLD to live in    06/19/18  (143)
Rate this Kappa Delta's tweet that has libs FUMING    06/01/18  (142)
******* OFFICIAL SINGAPORE SUMMIT THREAD *******    06/12/18  (141)
Is having 1 kid actually TCR?    06/06/18  (141)
CR to buy a "starter" boat, like a Sea Ray 190?    06/14/18  (140)
Parents - thoughts on regression to the mean    05/24/18  (140)
Jews: civilized, assimilated, get holocausted. Muslims: violent, crazy, celebrat    06/19/18  (135)
Learned to waltz at a church dance tonight (CharlesXII)    05/22/18  (135)
197 pounds - getting a little concerned now actually about weight loss (Earl)    06/09/18  (134)
ITT we list words used in corporations but nowhere IRL    06/13/18  (134)
What did Trump get in return for suspending US military exercises near Korea?    06/13/18  (132)
Breaking: Pusha T just ended Drake's career    06/03/18  (131)
Gonna fuck this chick 20-30lbs overweight because her tits r u humungous    06/16/18  (130)
What became of the biggest chad at your HS?    05/27/18  (130)
Meghan Markle wedding as a good litmus test for who is a real racist    06/06/18  (129)
Trumpmos: Did ABC do the right thing?    05/30/18  (128)
Trump finally says it: Democrats WANT illegal immigration.    06/19/18  (127)
Itt list things that Europe has over America    06/06/18  (126)
Pitfalls of being an in-housemo    06/04/18  (125)
Suburbs are literally a fraudulent creation    05/24/18  (125)
What kind of "male" does not like a strip club?    06/15/18  (124)
ELIZABETH HOLMES INDICTED FOR FRAUD 1800000    06/16/18  (122)
Female coworker thinks Leo Dicaprio dates 20 year olds because hes intimitated    05/23/18  (122)
Import third world people -> become third world country    05/27/18  (121)
We all agree that HYPMSC are the top universities, but where is the next cutoff?    05/26/18  (121)
How movie theater seats have evolved is an indictment of our society.    06/03/18  (120)
LOL so De Blasio is going to WRECK Stuy with 20% affirmative-action slots?    06/15/18  (119)
black kid parks across two handicapped spaces, refuses cop instructions.Is Tased    05/26/18  (119)
UChicago to stop requiring SAT/ACT score for admissions    06/17/18  (118)
Would you join a labor union with the opportunity?    06/14/18  (118)
Where are you going for your next vacation?    05/25/18  (118)
What was your ABSOLUTE ROCK BOTTOM as a lawyer?    06/14/18  (117)
JFC at this description of life at DPW    06/14/18  (117)
Just found out BlueSmoke's salary    06/17/18  (116)
Why do married women refuse sex when it requires 0 work on their part?    06/11/18  (116)
Libs coming for your school systems and town demographics (The Atlantic)    06/06/18  (115)
xo Mountain Lion Kills Female Cyclist in Washington State    05/23/18  (115)
Hoodrat gets shot while stealing a car, his sister cries that he dindonuffin    06/17/18  (114)
What is *THE* best backpack?    06/17/18  (113)
"Now I'm 32 and too old for 40 year old men"    06/12/18  (113)
The third most populous city in America, Chicago, voted for Hillary    05/27/18  (110)
Estimate this Asian guy's IQ    06/14/18  (109)
what is the point of "wineries"    05/24/18  (109)
What is preventing Jews and Asians from being Republicans?    06/11/18  (108)
37 year old NYC shrew regrets pursuing Sex & The City dream    06/08/18  (108)
lol ABC cancels Roseanne after twitter comments    05/30/18  (108)
Trying to get wife pregnant. HELP ME (with advice, not cum).    06/19/18  (107)
Netflix negotiates multibillion dollar deal with the Obamas    05/25/18  (107)
Women on a wedding msg board discuss the biggest and best cocks they've had    06/15/18  (106)
What would be your starting 5 if u could pick any bball players in history?    06/03/18  (106)
POLL: Are you a CHECKCUCK or a CARRYONBULL?    05/30/18  (105)
Mid year check in - 1.39 million net so far (CSLG)    06/13/18  (104)
Article on why Christers like Trump    06/04/18  (103)
Hysterical reporter scolds Trump for saving her from nuclear war.    06/16/18  (102)
White millennials make 21% less than their Boomer parents at same age    06/04/18  (102)
Elizabeth Warren is quietly working to defang Trump's 'Pocahontas' slur as 2020    05/28/18  (102)
Trump destroys the Philadelphia Eagles.    06/05/18  (101)
Trump to legalize marijuana (link)    06/09/18  (100)
Race realism:The science is indisputable. Global Warming: Nah, man nah "Scientis    06/09/18  (100)
Quinn Emanuel partners battling over few remaining associates    06/03/18  (100)
Trump blocking people on Twitter ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL    05/25/18  (100)
The modern liberal worldview is tough to counter    06/19/18  (99)
Brock Turner's judge getting recalled - first in 80 years. Fuck vindictive cunt    06/07/18  (99)
Theory: Solo disappointment fueled in part by Last Jedi backlash    06/11/18  (99)
Trying to get this teen to cheat on her BF (pic)    06/08/18  (99)
POTUS Trump: I have the absolute right to PARDON myself    06/07/18  (99)
Georgia teen with no record sentenced to five years for stealing $100 sneakers    06/04/18  (99)
Louisiana lawyers: what's the wackiest civil law shit that Louisiana does?    06/05/18  (99)
Trump breaks Roseanne silence.    05/30/18  (99)
Date lab: woman enthusiastically embraces interracial date with younger hill sta    05/24/18  (99)
The Texas high school shooter was another MAF incel    05/21/18  (99)
Who is the most southern poaster on xo    06/19/18  (98)
Tattoos signal mental illness    06/17/18  (98)
Xos Bourdain death prediction threads stuns 4chan. Now they want to poast (link    06/19/18  (97)
Parents - thoughts on college future for your kids?    05/23/18  (97)
Rate this 5-5.5 who thinks she's a D.C. 8    06/15/18  (96)
Wife got a new job, $40K raise - already spending the money    06/13/18  (96)
Dude from college is a Managing Director at Goldman, bought a $800k house.    06/03/18  (96)
Fox news watchers lamenting "propaganda TV"    06/19/18  (95)
Just delivered closing. Taking Qs while waiting on jury verdict (epah)    06/08/18  (94)
HuffPo discovers identity of anti-muslim tweeter, gets her husband fired    06/03/18  (94)
You think n. koreans are actually starving and in death camps or is it all propa    06/13/18  (93)
Perky Parisienne Bartender...fuck    06/10/18  (93)
If you had to choose an area of transactional biglaw today, which would it be?    06/03/18  (93)
E-mail to opposing counsel (CSLG)    05/27/18  (93)
Now that Bluesmoke is old she thinks it's "weird" for women to date 5+ yrs older    06/07/18  (93)
Walking around Italy.These random little teens sluts wanted me to fuck them but    05/30/18  (92)
Clapper FIRES BACK at Trump, says Russia hacked votes in 3 states (link)    05/24/18  (92)
CAC ITT taking Qs & giving ratings    05/22/18  (92)
Which famous people do you expect to be well known in 200 years?    06/16/18  (91)
Muslim home buyers pwn racist AIDS-riddled faggot    06/14/18  (91)
Who actually supports the Trump tariffs?    06/04/18  (91)
What are women insecure about in the same way men are insecure about penis size?    06/04/18  (91)
Tinder forced to pull racist ad    05/26/18  (91)
The whole "watchmen outing" incident is completely baffling - WTF happened???    06/17/18  (90)
How old is BS now? 30? 35? Older?    05/23/18  (90)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/19/18  (89)
XO LA MEETUP #2    06/15/18  (89)
Where to live in LA    05/25/18  (88)
How long would you last if you were dropped off in the 1300's?    06/19/18  (87)
Name one thing you have done as a lawyer that makes you really proud.    06/15/18  (87)
Manafort superseding indictment is devastating. Countdown to cooperation deal    06/17/18  (87)
List some 115 IQ tells    06/01/18  (87)
Justice Dept. Seizes Times Reporters Email and Phone Records in Leak Investigat    06/09/18  (86)
protectionism is prole and unworkable    06/01/18  (86)
Listened to NPR this morning. Holy God we live in a cartoon world.    05/29/18  (86)
ITT:Biggest case of someone you know tossing their life away    05/30/18  (86)
The men on this board disgust me. I'm on BlueSmoke's side now. (DTP)    05/23/18  (86)
Is it "ok" to let my daughter get her tongue pierced or worse than it sounds?    06/14/18  (85)
LOL at our profession. Weil will make you partner, then fire you after 3 years    06/11/18  (85)
Reminder: Big tits only existed in fat mothers until 70 years ago.    06/18/18  (85)
Guy going to jail for 15 years for giving away free PC restore software    05/29/18  (85)
I don't get it. How are the suburbs not soul-crushingly boring?    06/20/18  (84)
A married woman posted this on her social media (pic)    06/19/18  (84)
Ran into the dumbest Sprouts cashier ever    06/15/18  (84)
Why is Trump so paralyzed + unwilling to make a real move on Mueller?    05/27/18  (84)
(((Passenger))) just got thrown off flight for saying im a lawyer and will sue    05/29/18  (84)
Goy Tell: Getting Lox On Your Bagel.    06/18/18  (83)