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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Frankly, XO did 29tp a favor by driving her to pumo posting    02/24/18  (6)
gibbering retard nigger baboons endlessly fucking up your prolechain shitburger    02/24/18  (5)
United, Delta Airlines cut ties with NRA    02/24/18  (28)
One of you bastards will unknowingly marry a woman like this    02/24/18  (195)
180 quote from Bill Kristol about idiot conservatives    02/24/18  (2)
why is xo obsessed with women's vaginas being "blown out"?    02/24/18  (44)
Top 50 Universities in the World    02/24/18  (20)
Crypto doesnt withstand a cursory examination of worth, entirely buzz words (DTP    02/24/18  (24)
Comedies produced in late 2016 and early 2017 are unwatchable    02/24/18  (28)
Niggers at top schools have SAT scores 450 points lower (out of 1600) than azns    02/24/18  (51)
A certain chill, fratty type of getting railed by white-collar POZpigs off linke    02/24/18  (1)
I find it fascinating that proles go to Costco solely to eat free samples    02/24/18  (43)
Uncomfortable truth: NRA members need to be executed and piled in mass graves    02/24/18  (4)
Advance film of chilmatas wedding    02/24/18  (1)
luis is my best friend from k-hs who's fallen out of touch    02/24/18  (4)
wife wanted to fuck this morning. im gay    02/24/18  (3)
Ran into uni crush today at Boxing Day bbq - I think I am a bad person (29tp)    02/24/18  (78)
180 how Bannon turned out to be a patriot who keeps publicly rooting for Mueller    02/24/18  (14)
O my brothers, r8 this weepy young malchick getting some of the old in-out (xo 3    02/24/18  (2)
haha yeah, it's now basically a form of Tourette Syndrome, pls save me haha    02/24/18  (2)
has anyone read XO Ted's new book "Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How"?    02/24/18  (3)
Radical Islam bro arguing that the govt should steal your guns    02/24/18  (1)
Did you go to a college or university for undergrad?    02/24/18  (1)
faggot    02/24/18  (4)
I look at all the lonely autists    02/24/18  (6)
AI and automation will create a permanent underclass    02/24/18  (42)
Scandinavian thriller-mystery TV shows    02/24/18  (8)
ha hah haha HAHA HAHAHA *bounces around in pillow room*    02/24/18  (7)
the spiritual emptiness that i feel in modern world is same as being caveman    02/24/18  (16)
The FBI needs to regard NRA membership the same as any other terrorist org    02/24/18  (4)
(van Morrison voice) You're my. Blown out girl.    02/24/18  (51)
Twin towers fading back into existence in pic of trump family like BTTF    02/24/18  (11)
Proposed to black gf    02/24/18  (22)
embarrassed by the shitty memes my wife shares on fb    02/24/18  (9)
"Haha yeah you're the last person on earth id have sex with too but here we are    02/24/18  (3)
Stormfront quislings with fathers have ruined xo!    02/24/18  (9)
RATE this WGWAG    02/24/18  (1)
Rate this XO Ted quote    02/24/18  (8)
spaceporn at ACE hardware store asking for a tiny hammer to smash his dick with    02/24/18  (2)
Introducing Bulletproof Weed Coffee    02/24/18  (15)
diaper hill    02/24/18  (1)
"hey are my texts getting through? haha"    02/24/18  (29)
Can someone explain why prison doods fuck each others assess?    02/24/18  (2)
jim kelly is mentally ill from living among all cash chinese in the bay area    02/24/18  (11)
Silver Truck Pickups - Beady Eye    02/24/18  (16)
BLM protests starting over this    02/24/18  (5)
Peterman has had to withstand many crashes to get rich; RSF only 2    02/24/18  (10)
that feeling when you click a poast to bump thinking "man this guys a genius"    02/24/18  (2)
*Justin Trudeau doing Downward Facing Dog in meeting w/ Indian Prime Minister*    02/24/18  (1)
TRUMP HITS 50% APPROVAL    02/24/18  (16)
On of the things about musicians I love is that they fucking love music    02/24/18  (1)
Rate this college sweatshirt    02/24/18  (3)
chilmata give me the 411 on thc oil brands    02/24/18  (4)
JJC by himself at a karaoke in LA: "Ahhhhhhh~ rook at all the ronery peopre!!!"    02/24/18  (41)
Alpha beats up his gf, gf's side dude, and gf's mom all at once    02/24/18  (7)
once had a gay guy tell me that gays get "periods"    02/24/18  (1)
I agree the 'haha' meme isn't funny anymore haha    02/24/18  (2)
I'm on my period too haha    02/24/18  (8)
Is bpm hot    02/24/18  (2)
"Oh Malk! You so crever. You invent sociar network. You invent 'rike' button."    02/24/18  (39)
*hitman piano-wire choking spaceporn as he is about to click 'Poast'*    02/24/18  (1)
haha np everything's cool :) hope chad blows u the FUCK OUT HAHA    02/24/18  (5)
spaceporn literally just made a thread about eating toast    02/24/18  (10)
Need xo crimlaw experts to update us on how Mike Flynn is outmaneuvering Mueller    02/24/18  (33)
why dont you just tell me youre blowing me off you fucking whore haha    02/24/18  (17)
"Just a bar with some bros but I might be free soon haha"    02/24/18  (3)
Haha yeah, she was wild in college, but I guess I tamed her. Heh    02/24/18  (3)
Dana Loesch is a terrific spokeswoman for the NRA    02/24/18  (2)
yeah i have boyfriends too haha    02/24/18  (12)
haha no biggie i'm a homebody too just like u haha *mouths 10 gauge*    02/24/18  (9)
"haha! no worries! hahaa!!" *orderlies drag you away in restraints*    02/24/18  (5)
the haha becomes louder and more manic    02/24/18  (8)
good times good times haha *jumps into ocean tied to anchor*    02/24/18  (4)
just fed my kid toast and tomato bisque. now i will take him.to library.    02/24/18  (15)
haha np no biggie no worries i'll get the guac *cuts off hand w/ dull knife*    02/24/18  (4)
went to my first brunch. paid $53 for French toast and a mimosa.    02/24/18  (5)
*txt ping* *dopamine boost* "haha" *txt ping* *dopamine boost* "haha" *txt ping*    02/24/18  (34)
haha hehe haha hehe haha hehe haha hehe haha hehe haha hehe haha hehe haha hehe    02/24/18  (14)
ur busy np np no worries no worries haha HAHA HAHA HAHA    02/24/18  (9)
"Haha, it's been 7 months, just wanted to say hey. Haha"    02/24/18  (3)
Sick of being an INTTTP. Anyway to change personality other than psychedelics?    02/24/18  (3)
nope no plans, just like last night. haha    02/24/18  (3)
Reminder: NRA is literally a Russian puppet organization    02/24/18  (23)
embarrassed by the shitty memes my boyfriend forces on zozo    02/24/18  (2)
Armed Educators love our students. Very smart people. Must be firearms adept    02/24/18  (4)
As an armed schoolteacher, I'd like revolver & saber combo    02/24/18  (1)
Hilarious how objectively bad literally all "rap" music is - the GOAT kike scam    02/24/18  (8)
He didn't care that I saw Black Panther    02/24/18  (16)
i am, without a fucking doubt, an ENTP    02/24/18  (12)
halp! my face is orbiting! (bpm)    02/24/18  (10)
My mid 30s ibanker gf has perfect full A cups #DBG #Jim_Kelly    02/24/18  (1)
bpm have u lost all ur babby weight?    02/24/18  (4)
Carrie beats up a 4chan incel on Homeland lmao    02/24/18  (3)
insane theory: Jim_Kelly the poaster is actually mark zuckerberg    02/24/18  (3)
Sim Glitch: Popeyes doesn't have spinach on the menu    02/24/18  (2)
17 year old here. Should I go to Amherst or Brown?    02/24/18  (18)
That 180 time of weekend morning before WLMAS starts spamming the board    02/24/18  (33)
Oh Malk! We go see Ra Ra Rand for Plesidents day? (Zuck's wife)    02/24/18  (19)
There is a leg-day-skipping Turdskin at gym who thinks hes in front of bathroom    02/24/18  (1)
Oh Malk! I rove a da rittre dick. Thlee inches a pelfect!    02/24/18  (8)
Oh Malk! We worrd champion tonight! You want shoot rayup into my basket?    02/24/18  (13)
dick skin is torn from dry jerking    02/24/18  (1)
Oh Malk, this flied chicken so good! (pic)    02/24/18  (19)
Oh Malk! I sit my scarrion pancake on youl face tonight!    02/24/18  (10)
"Oh Malk! Now LIP MY STOCKING!"    02/24/18  (10)
Oh Malk! i be youll pike dleam girr.    02/24/18  (4)
'Oh Malk! How much money you make a Facebook? 10 Birrion dorrar?' (Zuck's wife)    02/24/18  (74)
"Oh Malk! You rike a watch me touch myself? You rike a mah pussy rips?"    02/24/18  (28)
Oh Malk, I have headache, no srex tonight    02/24/18  (9)
Oh Malk! It's ok! I rike ah tiny dick. I rike Polsche Cayenne.    02/24/18  (3)
*Zuck unloads tax-stamped M-249 into goyim at country concert* "OH MALK!"    02/24/18  (7)
America is doomed. Southern States will soon go way of California    02/24/18  (1)
OH MALK! Why he kirr dat man on ah faceboork!    02/24/18  (11)
Oh Malk! Why you no a buy street in San Flansico?    02/24/18  (4)
'Oh Malk! We go see Hamirton for oul annivelsaly! Me sucky fucky!' (Zuck's wife)    02/24/18  (80)
Oh Malk! Why you no hab big locket ship rike Eron Muks hab ? He go harvard?    02/24/18  (22)
Oh Malk! Why Eron Muks say you no smart? He go Harvard?    02/24/18  (18)
OH MALK preese ah take me to beach dis ah summah    02/24/18  (16)
Oh Malk, why they say Malk my words?    02/24/18  (3)
remember when we finally saw 29 pics and she looked like Wayne from Wonder Years    02/24/18  (17)
This Bro with NO GAME Met 72 Virgins With One Weird Trick (Dating Companies HATE    02/24/18  (1)
Do Asian Women Have White Fever? (PBS)    02/24/18  (6)
CNN: Not just one coward cop. THREE MORE COPS OUTSIDE SCHOOL DIDN'T GO IN    02/24/18  (92)
lifehack: cut off ur own testicles to eliminate pesky "sex drive    02/24/18  (3)
"jim kerry, my parent come visit this week. you ah rip new Avenger movie yet?"    02/24/18  (34)
Old biddy at library getting madder and madder at me as i sneeze, blow nose    02/24/18  (8)
Cao ni ma!! What dis uh.. Jim Kerry shit!!!?? (Jim_Kelly's wife)    02/24/18  (2)
I rike-a Jim Kerry, I rike-a Netfrix rife    02/24/18  (2)
"Oh Jim Kerry, how much money money u make papering VC dear, 500k dorrar?"    02/24/18  (5)
tls Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist - all croaked. xo O'Connor - still alive & kickin    02/24/18  (3)
Susan James shtick: Refreshing, current, artfully executed    02/24/18  (2)
first year corp associate, okay to apply to 1-3 year experience lateral position    02/24/18  (10)
are Jeopardy contenstants technically 'quislings'?    02/24/18  (4)
Julia: "I lost my baby weight!" she laughed leaving abortion clinic    02/24/18  (5)
Trump: covfefe. Julia: matuteare. U?    02/24/18  (2)
Peterman bent over a table covered in $100 bills and cocaine. "Matuteare, daddy"    02/24/18  (2)
Conrad arrives in the deep jungles of Colombia. "Matuteare," the pygmy declared.    02/24/18  (2)
Marvel presents: Matuteare, the Colombian finance superheroine    02/24/18  (3)
When you matuteare, do u visualize yourself or others in the fantasy?    02/24/18  (11)
Wayne Brady intellectually impregnates Bill Maher via rape    02/24/18  (2)
Mueller is a clown. He's a national disgrace.    02/24/18  (15)
Julia: "Why is my flow so heavy?" Doctor: "That was a miscarriage darling"    02/24/18  (1)
the box: YOLO... the box's baby: not me!!... the box: LOL tyft    02/24/18  (157)
IVF doctor: "so why are u here?" Julia: "I'm impregnable"    02/24/18  (38)
Life hack: just skip breakfast on weekends    02/24/18  (3)
Safari browser - hitting back button causes delay    02/24/18  (4)

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