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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
We all fucked up by becoming lawyers instead of insurance chads in Des Moines    07/23/18  (9)
ND v Michigan one month away    07/23/18  (19)
More prestigious naming method: "University of ____" or "____ University"?    07/23/18  (22)
Remember the first time you upgraded from phone to cable internet?    07/23/18  (1)
ivanka lip slip at mediterranean beach (tmz)    07/23/18  (7)
If trump really did collude with Russia, it would have leaked by now, right?    07/23/18  (11)
Trumpmos IN FAVOR OF Iran war come bump this thread    07/23/18  (145)
Did Trump use all caps to invoke the Romans?    07/23/18  (1)
J f c the transmission on my Honda Odyssey broke    07/23/18  (39)
Chick from Real World Las Vegas hot tub threesome is a 37 year old MILF now (Pic    07/23/18  (2)
Ted Cruz TP can't speak Spanish    07/23/18  (39)
I buy my food at Chick-fil-a and shit it out in a Starbucks    07/23/18  (14)
Bi friend said boipussy > vagina. Is he right?    07/23/18  (3)
LJL@ this Comey tweet    07/23/18  (4)
What Areas To Stay In ROME?    07/23/18  (25)
Does Hamilton have a shot at passing Schumacher in Grand Prix wins? #Formula 1    07/23/18  (1)
The best part of having a BIG DICK is RUINING girls for other men    07/23/18  (1)
It's going to be hot as fuck in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA this week    07/23/18  (2)
Anyone else unable to watch TV anymore?    07/23/18  (20)
Football is fast approaching. Is Tom Brady still 5x champ GOAT POTUS QB?    07/23/18  (1)
DBG QUICK Q URGENT    07/23/18  (13)
Hillary wearing a life alert with her hospital gown    07/23/18  (5)
Which car company has the worst transmission issues?    07/23/18  (18)
MIchael Scheuer says its about time to start killing traitors to the republic.    07/23/18  (41)
Have to go to Family Court. Cannot stress enough that you DO NOT impregnate craz    07/23/18  (13)
Trump could win. People don't remember Ross Perot.    07/23/18  (64)
Confrontation with thugette over parking in a handicapped space = dead thug    07/23/18  (134)
1997: u r a senior at Iowa City West going 2 Smashing Pumpkins at Wells Fargo Ar    07/23/18  (11)
Can I still get chicks if I buy a performance station wagon?    07/23/18  (1)
Ted Cruz TP failed Spanish 101 at community college, dropped out    07/23/18  (1)
I drive a minivan and still get pussy. You?!    07/23/18  (1)
Any predictions on when Alaska breaks from the union?    07/23/18  (6)
Used the term fuming like Yosemite Sam in a meeting to describe a competitor    07/23/18  (1)
***BAR EXAM ESSAY PREDICTIONS JULY 2018***    07/23/18  (3)
Mueller before midterms: "welp, we've found nothing he's clean as a whistle."    07/23/18  (3)
*Spaceporn's client recording* Spaceporn: "Just wear the brace when u go out..."    07/23/18  (4)
"sharp objects" (HBO) theories itt    07/23/18  (3)
Spaceporn saying "you only pay me if I win!" for the 100th time that day.    07/23/18  (5)
Niggers Illegally Parking In Handicapped Spaces Should Be Shot Dead    07/23/18  (87)
the NYT has had the unredacted Carter Page FISA application for a year    07/23/18  (29)
luis and carl spackler peeing on each other, giggling    07/23/18  (1)
Hollywood is all child predators & casting couches lecturing us about morality    07/23/18  (12)
Lib hero Maggie Haberman (NYT): Trump often tells the truth (link)    07/23/18  (12)
If you're not buying BITCOIN right now ($7700) you're buttfucking insane (DTP)    07/23/18  (4)
LOL dude gets knocked the fuck out, starts snoring immediately    07/23/18  (13)
"I meant fuck me up the ass literally," Luis said as Trump nuked him    07/23/18  (4)
fraud lies fake news media purposefully misrepresenting facts to push agenda    07/23/18  (2)
20-yr-old Iowa student goes missing while jogging    07/23/18  (22)
XO Daily Mail: Hope Hicks still with Rob Porter    07/23/18  (12)
Ta Coates got fired from The Atlantic for undisclosed reasons    07/23/18  (120)
Rewatched "In Bruges" last night on netflix. It has aged very well and    07/23/18  (4)
BREAKING 10 people shot in Toronto    07/23/18  (10)
2019 Nebraska: 12-0 or 11-1, wins big ten west    07/23/18  (2)
This is No Place Like xo Nebraska    07/23/18  (5)
Nebraska: date with Destiny. Iowa: never-ending outback bowl births    07/23/18  (65)
These Crossfit completion documentaries on NFLX are pretty dope    07/23/18  (7)
3 year old boy victim of deliberate acid attack in lib UK (link)    07/23/18  (5)
If escorts/hookers are readily available, how can any man be an incel?    07/23/18  (27)
Mueller's trial exhibits leaked. Manafort (and all Trumpmos) FUCKED    07/23/18  (51)
Got my tix to The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary screening    07/23/18  (3)
LOL at "Shower" app, where millennials and Gen-Ys just meet to shower and fuck    07/23/18  (4)
Uber Fraud Billing Riders For "Vomit Scam," Banning You If You Dispute Charges    07/23/18  (11)
Anyone who grew up in 714 get ITT    07/23/18  (3)
What are your thoughts on MCT oil?    07/23/18  (5)
Sacha cohen gets ga legislator to scream nigger    07/23/18  (42)
realistically, nebraska is looking at a 4-8 season    07/23/18  (6)
Remember when young you'd mix up CRAZY chicke just to liven things up    07/23/18  (2)
Xo only makes sense when u understand there's a swarm of Persian Shiites here    07/23/18  (14)
Biz idea: Uber but for prostitutes    07/23/18  (5)
Napoleon Dynamite, in full tactical gear, shooting teachers+students (even Pedro    07/23/18  (14)
Who should be first in line for the oven, Conseula or DBG?    07/23/18  (1)
Conservatives: Outrage over lib Gunn tweets; Standing O for pitcher with racist    07/23/18  (36)
Never work out. Never run.    07/23/18  (33)
TRUMP to REVOKE California's ability to mandate fuel economy. 180 MAGA    07/23/18  (4)
Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon outed as a pedo    07/23/18  (25)
tripping, falling, and grabbing nail covered board roommate left on trash can    07/23/18  (1)
Baker Mayfield destroys Colin Cowherd    07/23/18  (8)
What's XO's opinion on Napoleon Dynamite the movie    07/23/18  (49)
Hope Hicks gazing at your size 10 New Balances, puts her size 12s next to yours    07/23/18  (2)
The Jew cries "treason" as he betrays you    07/23/18  (13)
prole tell: showering in the AM rather than PM. also a whore tell.    07/23/18  (36)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    07/23/18  (116)
wow rare video from 1990 of bob mueller executing a sick kickflip    07/23/18  (1)
Two gook$ murdered in their Las Vegas circus circus hotel room    07/23/18  (12)
Takes over a dozen paragraphs for this AP story about deportation to mention DUI    07/23/18  (1)
Orange County, CA has a ton of minivans JFC    07/23/18  (2)
Jim Kelly tp as he licks his wife's little azn feet: "I have All-American values    07/23/18  (27)
There are a TON of slutty hiking chicks    07/23/18  (39)
What the fuck is this?    07/23/18  (2)
I see lots of men driving minivans here in Orange County    07/23/18  (1)
What is Des Moines biglaw like?    07/23/18  (27)
Elizabeth Holmes committed failed, but it was men's fault for reporting on her    07/23/18  (25)
Haha nah he cut his chops on xoxohth    07/23/18  (1)
Spaceporn here. in a fancy pants law firm taking deposition of bus driver    07/23/18  (42)
Spaceporn what is the career path like for a Shitlaw god    07/23/18  (1)
"wolf! wolf!" cried the media, for the 1,824th straight day.    07/23/18  (52)
Adrenaline high from snap gooks posting information about u on xo is insane    07/23/18  (3)
TSINAH fumes as Jason Mraz comes out as two-spirit (link)    07/23/18  (3)
New Matt Groening show looks dope and not at all shitlibs nonsense (*video*)    07/23/18  (6)
There is nothing morally wrong about sex with prostitutes    07/23/18  (64)
did we ever determine whether petumkin was doobs?    07/23/18  (2)
Each party required to list Independent Counsel on future POTUS ticket    07/23/18  (1)
what if somoneone played SOAD - "Chop Suey" at First Council of Nicaea    07/23/18  (7)
U put on the glasses from "They Live" and reveal true nature of xo "blank bumps"    07/23/18  (13)
John Kerry just seen meeting with 3 Iranians in Paris (link)    07/23/18  (11)
TCTP here. I am not Aztec or Mayan. I am descended from the Otomi peoples.    07/23/18  (7)
Anyone else have a dad that used to pull over on highway and shit in the woods?    07/23/18  (5)
how long until mass market smell-o-vision is available?    07/23/18  (1)
Credited PISSJUG for the car?    07/23/18  (34)
New Predator movie to feature female Predators (link)    07/23/18  (23)
Carmos: what exactly happens when your car's transmission locks up?    07/23/18  (3)
Jessica Lowndes. Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh    07/23/18  (7)
McDonalds salads infected with poop (link)    07/23/18  (1)
in Costa Rica for a week, what to do? on papagayo peninsula.    07/23/18  (3)
Why didnt Japanese milk Hiroshima like Jews did the holocaust?    07/23/18  (29)
Oh, I get it! White people are all stupid and hateful. Haha, thanks Sacha, good1    07/23/18  (1)
Trumpmos IN FAVOR of dropping all (((neocons))) into a volcano bump this thread    07/23/18  (4)
Real talk: Sacha Baron Cohen's shit works bc white Americans are friendly    07/23/18  (2)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez twitter taken over by lawyers giving anodyne banalities    07/23/18  (18)
mega prole tell: parents who won't stop talking about risk of molestation    07/23/18  (5)
So Obama admin confirmed to have wiretapped Trump? Lmao Obeezy    07/23/18  (2)
Ocasio-Cortez is dumb AF & wouldn't be shit w/o her tits    07/23/18  (7)
I literally know like 100 illegal aliens in Southern California alone    07/23/18  (2)
describe your getting out of bed routine    07/23/18  (120)
airplanes don't even make sense    07/23/18  (2)
Rate this Jew and his 180 as fuck collection    07/23/18  (37)
biglaw lives matter: r u watching "sharp objects" on HBO?    07/23/18  (25)
DC Urban Mom is basically xo rebooted with an all-female cast    07/23/18  (1)
I thought XO was prestigious. Whys it full of stormfront hicks pushing fake news    07/23/18  (3)
Make-A-Wish Foundation letting McCain nuke Iran    07/23/18  (156)
NOT FLAME: Hollywood Set To Remake Saving Private Ryan w/ All-Female Cast    07/23/18  (3)
Funny how Malcolm X and NOI were 100% right that "integration" would kill blacks    07/23/18  (1)
Cute & Honest University of Iowa student is MISSING    07/23/18  (1)
male dancers are often employed on cruise ships to dance with single females    07/23/18  (7)
Should i get a buzz cut hair cut??    07/23/18  (10)
lol at this 30-something office shrew talking about tinder    07/23/18  (5)
Joe Buck: One of the most disgraceful performances by an American Presid    07/23/18  (5)
If we mass killed all the boomers, there'd be a lot of benefits    07/23/18  (1)
Do lawyers still wear leather jackets?    07/23/18  (3)
driving around in a large van makes your cock HUGE    07/23/18  (1)
Obama: I eat da poopoo    07/23/18  (2)
Something about white children    07/23/18  (1)
lol at men driving around the suburbs in minivans    07/23/18  (16)
Omg trump just threatened war with Iran on twitter    07/23/18  (133)
fuck you im watching wedding crashers    07/23/18  (10)

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