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Does this chick at the dog park think I'm gay? (Story)    10/22/17  (10)
can we get some IPA TIT pics?    10/22/17  (7)
Jew-tells of Seinfeld    10/22/17  (13)
anyone read the DEEP STATE piece by unhinged persian formerly of alt-right.com?    10/22/17  (9)
I just sit back and laugh at the goys trampling on each other on Black Friday    10/22/17  (3)
Peter North abuses parents, gets arrested. But i am the bad guy cuz i quit jobs    10/22/17  (1)
NYC only has 2 things really going for it    10/22/17  (2)
any of us could end up like tedcruztp. it's scary    10/22/17  (18)
Obama years turned libs insane on race (poll)    10/22/17  (16)
The racism on this board is out of control and sickening    10/22/17  (137)
Goy tell: paying retail    10/22/17  (1)
Ill admit, Im terrified by the growing totalitarian impulses of the left    10/22/17  (42)
Does this dude at the bath house think I'm gay? (Story)    10/22/17  (1)
Andrew Sullivan warns: Dems are being retarded on immigration; will lose again:    10/22/17  (46)
CharlesXII check out this super aspie book about WWII    10/22/17  (11)
Latest fallout from Weinstein scandal: James Toback accused by 38 women of RAPE    10/22/17  (18)
Do people actually jump into piles of leaves or is this Hollywood flame?    10/22/17  (7)
white people are 180. i dont know why asians and indians and blacks hate u guys    10/22/17  (2)
RSF still claims that he grew up in NYC. what an insane freak!    10/22/17  (27)
Who's first?    10/22/17  (11)
JJC: I CHIRR BRO NAO? *megapoasts about prestige for 10 more years*    10/22/17  (7)
Prole tell: the church you attend performs exorcisms    10/22/17  (1)
If you could bring 1 poaster back from the dead, who would it be?    10/22/17  (10)
Box taking questions    10/22/17  (1)
Forbes writer canned for telling frats not to rape drunk girls    10/22/17  (131)
TLS Jay Cutler out with torn labia, xo Matt Moore leads Dolphins to victory    10/22/17  (2)
there is no reason to be alive if you can't deadlift 200 lbs    10/22/17  (2)
Hard to see the Halford moniker. ITT we speculate on why he is not here.    10/22/17  (6)
stell bell asks whether the 14 words are racist...uh oh...    10/22/17  (1)
Wish I had the financial stability to go solo after calishitlawguru inspiration    10/22/17  (2)
"IGWC said you've been talk shit" *cracks knuckles as manboobs jiggle*    10/22/17  (2)
RSF and parismos: need hotel and location advice ITT    10/22/17  (5)
Trump winning OH+FL+NC then losing election would be brutal LOLNO    10/22/17  (5)
Wow, what a terrific audience    10/22/17  (6)
dont buy into the GC $ugar scam    10/22/17  (1)
My threads go best with a Coke    10/22/17  (2)
lol, EVERY headline is about Trump not accepting election results    10/22/17  (31)
POLL: would you ever marry a Latina?    10/22/17  (9)
GC and (((Media))) Preemptively Blaming Putin for Hacking Election for Trump    10/22/17  (2)
NATE SILVER'S 538: The Cubs have a smaller chance of winning than TRUMP    10/22/17  (10)
nasty woman & not accepting election results cost trump victory    10/22/17  (2)
FBI probe is 180. Not enuf to swing election to lunatic but enuf for impeachment    10/22/17  (6)
99 year old jellyfish found living in NYC fire hydrant    10/22/17  (80)
After losing election, Trump gets on knees in pouring rain screaming KHANNNNNNNN    10/22/17  (12)
RSF is a fucking bitch who would get his ass beat by JJC IRL    10/22/17  (69)
IGWC and RSF as the Bash Brothers from the Mighty Ducks    10/22/17  (4)
I litter. Fuck you if you think it's wrong.    10/22/17  (23)
Bill Kristol: Hillary has more hidden voters than Trump    10/22/17  (2)
Mentally ill. That's what I want to be. Literally mentally ill.    10/22/17  (11)
why did they close the Belmore Cafeteria?    10/22/17  (3)
Benzo's loose fuckhole stands a better chance of being elected than Trump    10/22/17  (6)
Do you guys really play nintendo switch? jfc    10/22/17  (4)
The Cubs Have A Smaller Chance of Winning Than Trump (FiveThirtyeight, Oct 30)    10/22/17  (15)
partner called me and i answer "yesh me lord" in Warcraft voice    10/22/17  (77)
538: "Cubs have less of a chance to win than Trump."    10/22/17  (2)
"Das sum BULLSHIT" - idris elba screaming at waiter when his CC declines at TGIF    10/22/17  (6)
JCM will you blow a kiss toward my clitdick and make me pancakes?    10/22/17  (18)
Can you name a major party nominee who was less qualified than Trump?    10/22/17  (39)
Last night's tinychat discussion with calishitlawguru was 180    10/22/17  (18)
I assume NYC is just as portrayed in Taxi Driver (1976)    10/22/17  (10)
That black congresswoman with the hats literally looks like a gorilla    10/22/17  (1)
Friendly Reminder: If you don't live in SE Asia you are more INSANE than TRUMP    10/22/17  (31)
Hillary received 3 million more votes than Trump during primaries    10/22/17  (32)
RSF's ( . ) ( . ) exploding like airbags after getting checked at hockey game    10/22/17  (4)
to be fair, Hillary now has shorter route to perceived "center" than Trump does    10/22/17  (11)
RSF sobbing, daddy cuddling him telling him there will be another 9/11 next year    10/22/17  (4)
Its lulzy when RSF talked abt MY MILES like he used his own money to earn them    10/22/17  (4)
A bunch of unhinged quotemos going berserk? Must be Sunday!    10/22/17  (9)
Sick of seeing so many blacks on commercials    10/22/17  (40)
RSF's tinder is pretty funny    10/22/17  (245)
Still can't believe TRUMP got 20k fewer votes in Florida than Hillary    10/22/17  (23)
Is the name "Dudley" prestigious?    10/22/17  (10)
Libs: NIGGERS aren't niggers. Society, we are the NIGGERS    10/22/17  (1)
Charles - thoughts on this DC chick who loves Trump?    10/22/17  (6)
Who the hell is "buttmaster"    10/22/17  (1)
RSF looks like Martin Luther    10/22/17  (4)
Poast your plans for the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey release    10/22/17  (3)
acr is 22 years old. he is also a nigger    10/22/17  (5)
RATE this girl's tattoo (pic)    10/22/17  (4)
I wanna vidya with Frank Lloyd    10/22/17  (1)
Chubby 35 yo screaming "let's rage bros" as crumbs fly out of his mouth.    10/22/17  (61)
Did RSF really get a 158 LSAT?    10/22/17  (6)
Animals are disgusting.    10/22/17  (1)
The pipes of Sir Vixthror's castle By Poetic dreamer (re-poasted)    10/22/17  (1)
DrakeMallard, explain why this chart shouldn't scare the piss out of all of us    10/22/17  (3)
Coffee, Nintendo Switch, Freedom to do what I want on the weekends    10/22/17  (12)
1140 SAT and 157 LSAT RSF calling you low IQ    10/22/17  (3)
Ljl at career faggots sending infants to day care to die    10/22/17  (2)
It's weird how much Facebook misrepresents your past "friends"    10/22/17  (17)
did IGWC die from AIDS or heroin overdose yet? if so, lol at that clitdick    10/22/17  (5)
Is there a denomination of Christianity that is conservative but not prole?    10/22/17  (10)
Taking questions about my fetish (stomping small animals)    10/22/17  (4)
RSF Looks like Paul McCartney's Son    10/22/17  (3)
DVP loved to play "airplane" with his baby niece - but it was a United flight    10/22/17  (12)
Rate them    10/22/17  (12)
nigger boi is the clear favorite for megapoaster madness    10/22/17  (22)
Average IQ of someone who graduates from OSU?    10/22/17  (37)
ROFL if you google benzos name, this article comes up    10/22/17  (3)
I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't ya poasts    10/22/17  (11)
Wtf separates Inland Empire/midwest from Appalachia?    10/22/17  (4)
Can't Hardly Wait actors are starting to turn 50    10/22/17  (20)
Shaking IPA tits on this sports sunday    10/22/17  (2)
aaron rodgers getting dak prescott pwn3d by hundley?    10/22/17  (2)
It's funny when RSF "jokes" abt being GAKKKED on coffee; brother GAKKED 2 death    10/22/17  (25)
Is it normal to wake up with pillow covered in blood? Mostly from my ears    10/22/17  (5)
Unsaid truth: bezo literally did pwn RSF w that Janet Reno pic    10/22/17  (17)
Got drunk and pissed on my brother's grave last night. Sup DORKS?    10/22/17  (3)
My grandfather hated FDR with a passion    10/22/17  (9)
No legacy is so rich as honesty    10/22/17  (1)
libs are u sure this is the rhinestone cowboy hat covered hill u want to die on?    10/22/17  (2)
The truth will set you free    10/22/17  (2)
Honest is the first chapter in the book of widsom    10/22/17  (1)
Men occasionally stumble, but the truth will always win    10/22/17  (1)
Just saw Charles at Nelly's doing body shots, what a fraud!    10/22/17  (2)
RSF is the best shtick account in XO history    10/22/17  (2)
Lost 6.5 lbs. Results here    10/22/17  (31)
gay couple scammed into buying BIG PIG, forced to move to ARE COUNTRY    10/22/17  (2)
Lady Gaga poses with 5 former POTUSes (link)    10/22/17  (4)
The real story behind why I outed chandler after he outed corporate slave    10/22/17  (7)
Most gynecologists will do a "pap smear" of your butthold if you pay extra    10/22/17  (1)
Twins is weed fucking my brain? It's one of the few things I enjoy    10/22/17  (10)
RSF has a bunch of alts that he uses to talk shit to people    10/22/17  (204)
Rate my drug intake.    10/22/17  (36)
DirecTV NOW: Let's bash this TTT    10/22/17  (1)
Weird that there is a massive Confederate memorial in Arlington cemetery    10/22/17  (6)
DTP aunt went to the grocery store i'm bout to BUTTFUCK rape my toddler cousin    10/22/17  (2)
Charles XII played bass in the REM Shiny Happy People video    10/22/17  (2)
What's for lunch?    10/22/17  (4)
How does living in NYC for a period of time change you?    10/22/17  (141)
Plant-bro that I've had for years likely has terminal infection    10/22/17  (1)
Anyone do gay shit just because they were bored?    10/22/17  (4)
Date #3 with cheerful chubby girl    10/22/17  (7)
So we're just ignoring the fact that deranged tinder pumo=DVP?    10/22/17  (43)
finally found a pic of Watchmen    10/22/17  (1)
Nyc is the only place to live in the states    10/22/17  (78)
Harrison Barnes nails it again re: exploiting vulnerable law firms    10/22/17  (24)
"Apparently a lot of people in the office think you voted for Trump??"    10/22/17  (30)
The couple met on autoadmit, an unhinged website for former law students    10/22/17  (31)
Got ghosted by my closest friend in college    10/22/17  (11)
Have only been watching commercials today.Do we live in a majority black country    10/22/17  (29)
Any non-racist argument for why we can't have scandi style socialism in the US?    10/22/17  (24)
Any non-racist reason for murder rates?    10/22/17  (4)
dv pumo a verry handsome man verry styrish. i brand new poster vely new here(dtp    10/22/17  (21)
RATE this pic of Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School yesterday    10/22/17  (23)
Why does everyone in your life ignore you?    10/22/17  (2)
How do politicians end up with no money?    10/22/17  (6)
get's NOWAG'd on tinder ... beats the SHIT out of babby cousin (DTP)    10/22/17  (10)
Betting 0.22 BTC (my entire betting account) on 49ers to win outright    10/22/17  (16)
Wrote a script about teen cock cages called Cant Hardly Bate    10/22/17  (2)

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