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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
****ZOG**** paging alzabo ****ZOG****    07/15/18  (7)
RATE this Georgetown Law Professor    07/15/18  (4)
Brooklyn shrew pens NYT Op-Ed on life enrichment via pet.    07/15/18  (11)
Theres billionaires/trillionaire frauds that cant fry an egg or boil water    07/15/18  (1)
Furio saying a stupid fucking game.    07/15/18  (1)
Lol at thinking you cant make it... all kinds of idiots are    07/15/18  (5)
Prime Day? LMAO    07/15/18  (4)
Israel Affirms Commitment to Multiculturalism and Equality    07/15/18  (16)
Ocasio-Cortez turning away robotic Asians from her cantina; "We don't serve    07/15/18  (3)
all "Anti-War" protesters in Ken Burn's "Vietnam" are jews    07/15/18  (20)
life is becoming intolerable    07/15/18  (5)
Huge unexpected grassroots campaign popping up against SCOTUS pick    07/15/18  (10)
What are the downsides with owning a German Shepherd    07/15/18  (124)
Here to fuck    07/15/18  (4)
Most white Americans in their 20s are skinny fat    07/15/18  (2)
NYPD launches program allowing JDs to join as detectives immediately    07/15/18  (79)
Most irreplaceable men in history?    07/15/18  (38)
/*\ /*\ dailystormer reveals candidate who worked with guccifer 2.0 /*\ /*\    07/15/18  (14)
Hillary Clinton UTTERLY DESTROYS Trump in VICIOUS TWEET    07/15/18  (16)
Playing DARK SOULS    07/15/18  (1)
Twitter libs are MELTING THE FUCK DOWN LOL 180 MAGA    07/15/18  (304)
"Excuse a muah, seafood play..." (Julia in Paris)    07/15/18  (30)
remember trying to get a radio station on the tuner    07/15/18  (1)
I am ready to sweat my fealty to our Russian masters    07/15/18  (13)
Fed & Djoker Won Wimby In Front Of Kids. Lance "Rafa" Nadal: IMPOTENT #tennis    07/15/18  (4)
i don't have anyone i can relate to.    07/15/18  (17)
Reboot of Ken Burns "The Civil War" but all voiceovers done in nasal jew voices    07/15/18  (4)
*corporate slave french-kissing his hand to practice for tonight's tinder date*    07/15/18  (36)
looksmaxxing is really the only activity that actually matters    07/15/18  (5)
why are there so many weebs on xo    07/15/18  (5)
10-year study shows boys raised on keto diet now all 6`+    07/15/18  (4)
i always knew lawman8 was an idiot    07/15/18  (25)
Local News Running Segment About Russians Hacking Our Actual Voting Machines    07/15/18  (4)
Jap storylines are extremely repetititve    07/15/18  (1)
Listen all y'all, it's a Kavanaugh    07/15/18  (10)
LJL gays and a tranny in Truvada commercial saying "I'm on the Pill" (link)    07/15/18  (38)
beatles - long long long.mp3    07/15/18  (1)
"How worried are you", inquired the twink as you gave him a body betrayal orgasm    07/15/18  (2)
Lets try this again: recommend a king bedframe for TMF and MND    07/15/18  (50)
Ethereum mooning, buy now    07/15/18  (10)
Any JRPG fans planning on buying Octopath Traveler?    07/15/18  (46)
Baby Driver is the worst example of (((GC))) ruining film i've ever seen    07/15/18  (10)
Would you fuck any of these hot nurses! Rate them    07/15/18  (17)
5 year old terminally ill boy writes his own obituary! See ya later, suckas    07/15/18  (4)
Why do I always gain weight during the summer    07/15/18  (1)
University of Minnesota proposes tranny pronoun policy    07/15/18  (25)
Lets all pool our resources and buy a shipyard in China    07/15/18  (9)
Just got back from gym . Lost 1 lbs. PIC    07/15/18  (36)
where do you live    07/15/18  (39)
Going on a first date tomorrow. Would normally just do drinks but weve hung out    07/15/18  (52)
Undocumented Immigrants behead special needs girl; libs conflicted    07/15/18  (14)
Just saw a random shrew Lying about her age in 5k results lol    07/15/18  (1)
Short pushes Brock Lesnar....doesn't even notice it    07/15/18  (25)
"So you're living 'off the grid?'" "Uh, no, I said I'm 'off my GRIDs meds'."    07/15/18  (5)
Aussie model Georgia Gibbs is a perfect 10    07/15/18  (2)
New Yorker: "Joel Osteen did rails off my dick"    07/15/18  (1)
Is blood sugar over 2000 prestigious?    07/15/18  (2)
Its all out there for you    07/15/18  (2)
Doobs: "Fuck the Zetas and every other cartel. I dare them to come to Indiana a    07/15/18  (34)
Don't write characters of other races. That's cultural appropriation.    07/15/18  (7)
Hope youre doing and getting what you want out of this life my friends    07/15/18  (7)
Rate this Rolla Royce flying taxi    07/15/18  (2)
FYI: Your future wife vividly remembers her greatest lay, and it wasn't you    07/15/18  (5)
Cuba to recognize private property rights under new constitution    07/15/18  (2)
Sexually deranged, promiscuous young women drive me to despair/insanity (DTP)    07/15/18  (7)
remember when this kind of music was everywhere in like '98 - 2001?    07/15/18  (3)
The Trump campaign conspired with the Russians who had Seth Rich killed?    07/15/18  (2)
~{#BarExam}~ Official Bar Exam Discussion and MBE Question Thread ~{#BarExam}~    07/15/18  (141)
Guys, that's not a lib position, thats a fringe position that will becum lib    07/15/18  (2)
Latham Chairman Career Ended by Sexting    07/15/18  (70)
Weinstein email to Podesta: "Thanks for the pizza. Loved the walnut sauce!"    07/15/18  (48)
Elon Musk calls British rescue diver a "pedo guy"    07/15/18  (50)
spaceporn, you stupid faggot, do you even know how to solve a diff equation?    07/15/18  (1)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/15/18  (92)
dark energy's push is just more matter draining from an older universe into ours    07/15/18  (13)
when luis    07/15/18  (2)
Crayola introducing limited-time Donald Orange crayon    07/15/18  (2)
Sacha Baron Cohen gets Republicans to endorse arming preschoolers    07/15/18  (30)
remember when Mitsubishi tried to market itself to shithead ravers?    07/15/18  (8)
Google doc of tech compensation    07/15/18  (3)
What is the actual difference in safety between a Glock and a Sig P-series    07/15/18  (15)
Remember when libs were decent people?    07/15/18  (3)
After MeToo, survey shows nearly half of male managers in the U.S. are uncomfor    07/15/18  (4)
LMAO, Richard Spencer is a lisping dandy closet case    07/15/18  (2)
Literally every American woman is into alternative medicine    07/15/18  (7)
GC has high school kids buying $48 water bottles called "HydroFlask."    07/15/18  (2)
Cr September vaycay to go for scenery (e.g. natl parks) and golf?    07/15/18  (3)
your penis. my asshole. 10pm. penn station.    07/15/18  (2)
Mueller handing parts of cases to US Attys Offices, DOJ = not good for Trump    07/15/18  (115)
today's Sarah Connor shaking fence & screaming what is this place    07/15/18  (1)
naked teen nymphs tempting you to your doom    07/15/18  (18)
Going to pull the teaching trigger    07/15/18  (9)
Amazing how libs became evil incarnate    07/15/18  (11)
KimDotCom: Mueller's hiring of prosecutor means Seth Rich evidence cant be ignor    07/15/18  (5)
Sick that the most powerful thing on earth is 16-24yo pussy    07/15/18  (10)
Trumpmos: how worried are you about the midterms?    07/15/18  (29)
my 'let's grab an egg mcmuffin' opener is a huge hit on Tinder    07/15/18  (2)
Maggie Haberman confesses, self purges on Twitter.    07/15/18  (7)
unity is Croatia's strength :)    07/15/18  (2)
Seriously odd how everyone here is a friendless loser    07/15/18  (28)
The Expert has some fresh as fuck takes    07/15/18  (3)
Schopenhauer's Porcupines: Intimacy And Its Dilmenas CR?    07/15/18  (1)
13-year-old girl beheaded after seeing grandmother killed in Alabama cemetery    07/15/18  (100)
Rudy on CNN: Mueller shouldnt be able to use SDNY resources    07/15/18  (16)
Only the HOTTEST takes on WXOX FM    07/15/18  (2)
Nothing like having ED right before leaving for a work trip    07/15/18  (5)
Hypo: You are born into a white working class family with a 170 IQ    07/15/18  (45)
Hillary trusted a gay Brooklynite over her husband re winning middle America    07/15/18  (37)
Weinstein email to Podesta: "Thanks for the cp. Loved the nut sauce!"    07/15/18  (1)
Packed my gym bag to lift tomorrow, cracked a beer, FUCK LIBS!    07/15/18  (1)
Doctors end up being very submissive despite their hard work and achievements    07/15/18  (1)
There are voters in this country who can't locate the US on a map (vid)    07/15/18  (6)
Going to dinner 20 min away - drive or uber? there is free parking, uber $15    07/15/18  (27)
Workers claim injuries all over their bodies for big payouts but continue thei    07/15/18  (1)
what is the most alpha brand of pancake mix?    07/15/18  (26)
Nickleodon was an entire channel dedicated to shooting bodily fluids on kids    07/15/18  (4)
sporTTT from now until college football kickoff will be unbearable    07/15/18  (5)
If you had a nine inch dick you wouldn't work 80 hours under chronic stress    07/15/18  (2)
Djoker Endows Chair At Harvard #tennis    07/15/18  (5)
DBG Endows Chair At Harvard-Westlake Elementary #orthodoxjews    07/15/18  (1)
Is Sophia Chua Rubenfeld's daughter a conservative?    07/15/18  (6)
There is nothing scarier in life than a crypto reverse-moon (DTP)    07/15/18  (2)
They had the Wimbledon and World Cup final on same day? Flame?    07/15/18  (3)
Stockton, motherfuckers. 209. new story    07/15/18  (1)
Heard on good authority Trump is bringing brass knuckles to Putin to make him    07/15/18  (2)
Djoker 27-25 H2H vs Lance, 2x As Many Wimbys, 6x As Many AOs #tennis    07/15/18  (10)
Djoker Is 4 Sets Away From Combined Decima At Top Two Slams #tennis    07/15/18  (19)
Were supposed to impeach Trump because Podesta had shitty password protection    07/15/18  (2)
that painting of emma watson getting her asshold blown out haunted my dreams    07/15/18  (33)
life is so meaningless    07/15/18  (24)
lol at lawman8's transition from race realism to Joel Osteen    07/15/18  (119)
The Hills Have Eyes (2006)    07/15/18  (6)
Elon Musk following you home from biglaw, calling you a phony    07/15/18  (3)
Anyone here primarily use a Capo when playing acoustic guitar?    07/15/18  (5)
Ben Carson: "As for Sanders, I do appreciate what his father the Colonel did"    07/15/18  (118)
look at this crazy gay late 90s 'MTV Amp' era shit    07/15/18  (2)
Redistributive taxation is constitutionally required.    07/15/18  (4)
Allez Les Bleus!    07/15/18  (2)
Holy fuckin LMAO at today's gospel catholics    07/15/18  (3)
Basic WWII questions    07/15/18  (12)
How long until American flag is labeled a white supremacist symbol?    07/15/18  (24)
me wilbur and luis protesting outside marijuana dispensaries    07/15/18  (10)
Mr. Wizard was a Dick    07/15/18  (16)
180 as fuck that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has won over XO. Atheists/kikes gtfo    07/15/18  (30)
What are male shrews like?    07/15/18  (11)

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